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Press Release: API International Celebrates 45 Years of Customer Commitment, Innovation, and Service

Press Release: Tualatin, Oregon, 02/16/24

API International proudly announces its 45th anniversary by celebrating our dedication to exceptional service, steadfast inventory management, and continuous client commitment. Founded in 1979, API International has emerged as a leader in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of flanges, expansion joints, valves, and custom-fabricated parts while continuously setting new standards and concentrating focus on operational excellence.

Cyrus Behbahany, CEO of API International, highlighted the company’s resilience and adaptability, particularly during challenging times. “API got stronger through the pandemic – we became increasingly nimble in managing our supply chain, built a remote work capability, and finessed our customer service experience to ensure we supported common business objectives. We want to demonstrate our velocity, expandable solutions, and unwavering commitment to service. We strive to exceed client expectations,” Behbahany commented.

Behbahany also emphasized API International’s strategic vision for the future: “Looking ahead, API had set forth key initiatives, deepening our commitment to our market horizon. Our focus remains on our customer retention and growth, as demonstrated by our on-demand manufacturing capabilities, an increase in warehouse space to maximize our footprint, and a best-in-class inventory management system. The technology within our industry may change, but taking care of our customers does not.”

Dan Jorgensen, VP of Sales and Marketing at API International, expressed the company’s relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, stating, “Our drive to service our customers has separated API from its competitors. We’ve always believed that success will naturally follow by putting our customers first.”  Reflecting on the milestone, Jorgensen said, “Leadership is excited to drive API forward to the next 45 years. As we celebrate our achievements, we’re also looking ahead with enthusiasm and determination to continue delivering excellence in everything we do.”

API’s unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has cemented their position as a trusted partner in the industrial pipe flanges sector. “We appreciate the voices of our customers and greatly value the relationships we have created,” Jorgensen added.

A customer in the Water and Wastewater Industry stated, “I have been doing business with API International for over 21 years, and they have consistently provided our company with high-quality parts and service. Their customer service is extremely helpful and responsive, and they go out of their way to provide you with any information that you require. We have not experienced anything negative in any aspect of our long-lasting business relationship, and I recommend them and their services should you be looking for a reliable supplier.”

Another customer in the Bellows Industry said, “API is both very timely and responsive to customers while providing excellent customer service, great quality products, and fostering and maintaining excellent relationships with their customers.”

As API International celebrates 45 years of success, the company extends its heartfelt gratitude to its loyal customers, dedicated employees, and supportive partners. With a firm foundation built on customer service, integrity, quality, and commitment to employees, API International looks forward to continued growth, prosperity, and positive impact in the years to come.

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