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Our Blog is here to provide you useful information that will help you make informed product decisions when selecting from our wide variety of flanges, valves and other pipe fittings. Here are our latest blog articles to choose from:

What Are The Most Common Flange Types?

This blog post will cover the most common flange types used in today’s industrial applications. Flanges are essential components in industrial applications. Even though there are many different types of

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How to Order Pipe Flanges

When ordering pipe flanges and parts, it’s best to be as specific as possible. Include details such as: 1: Size Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) The nominal pipe size of the connecting pipe

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Guide to Flange Face Finish Types

As a necessary component in various industries, flanges connect pipes, valves, and other equipment. The efficiency and reliability of these connections heavily depend on the surface finish of the flange

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