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Steel Flanges in The Marine and Maritime Industry

Steel flanges are essential components across industries, providing solid connections for pipes and equipment. In the maritime and marine industries, their significance is paramount, ensuring smooth operations and structural integrity. 


We will explore the diverse applications of steel flanges in the maritime industry, highlighting their applications and technical aspects for flanges, such as AWWA C207 & C228 Flanges, 1/2″-inch & 5/8″-inch Thick Lightweight Flanges, DIN (Metric) Flanges, Exhaust Flanges, Backing Flanges, Plate Flanges, and ANSI-Style Forged Flanges. 

blind flange in the marine industry

Applications of Steel Flanges in Maritime and Marine Industries:

  1. AWWA C207 & C228 Flanges: Designed to meet the American Water Works Association standards, these flanges are ideal for maritime water systems, offshore platforms, and shipyards due to their high-pressure and corrosion-resistant properties.
  2. 1/2″-inch & 5/8″-inch Thick Lightweight Flanges: These flanges are perfect for maritime installations where weight is a concern. They find use in piping systems for fuel, water, and hydraulic fluid transport on vessels, optimizing fuel efficiency and cargo capacity.
  3. DIN (Metric) Flanges: Widely recognized in the maritime industry, DIN standard flanges are known for precision engineering and compatibility with European equipment. They are crucial in shipbuilding, navigation systems, and marine machinery.
  4. Exhaust Flanges: In the maritime industry, exhaust systems are crucial for efficient propulsion and power generation. Exhaust flanges play a pivotal role in these systems by connecting exhaust pipes, ensuring a tight seal to prevent gas leakage. Whether commercial or naval ships, exhaust flanges enhance performance while complying with stringent emission regulations.
  5. Backing Flanges: Backing flanges find their application in the assembly of maritime pipelines. These flanges offer support, reinforcement, and alignment to pipes, minimizing the risk of structural damage due to vibrations, pressure changes, or environmental factors. Backing flanges contribute to the overall stability and longevity of marine pipelines.
  6. Plate Flanges: Plate flanges are widely utilized in shipbuilding, offering a strong and dependable connection between various ship components. These flanges facilitate the assembly of bulkheads, decks, and structural elements. The ability of plate flanges to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions makes them a staple in maritime construction.
  7. ANSI-Style Forged Flanges: ANSI-style forged flanges, crafted with precision and strength, are employed in critical maritime systems. From ballast systems to water circulation networks, these flanges ensure leak-free connections and contribute to the seamless operation of ships and offshore installations.

Technical Insights:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: In the harsh maritime environment, corrosion-resistant steel flanges endure saltwater exposure and high humidity. Proper coating or material selection enhances their reliability and lifespan.
  2. Pressure Handling: Vessels require components that handle varying pressures. Steel flanges with diverse pressure class ratings ensure secure connections in high-pressure systems like propulsion and hydraulic systems.
  3. Material Selection: Stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel flanges are chosen based on application. Stainless steel suits seawater systems due to corrosion resistance, while alloy steel provides strength in critical areas.


Steel flanges ensure water transport, pressure integrity, and operational success. In a changing maritime landscape, selecting the right flange type is pivotal for safety, efficiency, and longevity. Whether AWWA C207 & C228 Flanges, lightweight choices, DIN (Metric) Flanges, or others, these unsung components steer marine operations through open waters.

API International is dedicated to providing high-quality steel flanges tailored to the unique needs of the maritime and marine industries. Our selection of quality flanges stand as testament to our commitment to maritime excellence.

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