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Custom Machining & OEM Parts in The Waterworks Industry

Custom-machined parts find applications in water treatment, industrial wastewater management, and more. They impact pump systems, valves, filtration, and mixing and aeration processes. API International stands at the forefront, offering an extensive array of custom machined and OEM parts tailored to fulfill diverse water system requirements. 


Our machine shop enables API to manufacture product that meets a wide variety of specifications utilizing American Iron and Steel Institute (AIS) and Import materials. We also support fast turn modifications to our stock items in order to meet customer needs. Whether you have a CAD drawing or sample that needs to be reverse engineered, we can work with you on prototyping, production quantity manufacturing and OEM services.

custom flange on lathe

Applications and Significance of OEM Products and Custom Machining in Waterworks:

  1. Pump Components: Precision-machined impellers, seals, and shafts optimize fluid dynamics.
  2. Tube Sheets: Custom drilled hole patterns for unique rod requirements.
  3. Valves and Actuators: Tight tolerances and corrosion resistance ensure leak-free systems.
  4. Filtration Systems: Custom components like basket screens improve water quality and safety.
  5. Mixing and Aeration Systems: Custom-machined parts enable efficient processes.

Technical Insights:

  1. Material Selection: Withstand corrosive environments and varying temperatures.
  2. Tolerance and Accuracy: Tight tolerance minimizes energy loss.
  3. Prototyping and Design Flexibility: Accelerate innovation and problem-solving.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Improve efficiency, minimizing power consumption.
  2. Reduced Water Loss: Leak-free parts conserve water.
  3. Longevity and Maintenance: Durable components reduce waste and extend equipment life.


Custom-machined parts contribute to Water & Wastewater industry sustainability. They enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, driving sector progress. API International offers tailored solutions for reliable custom-machined parts in the Water & Wastewater industry. Contact us to learn more about precision machining for your needs. 

For all your custom & OEM needs, navigate our diverse range of products at API International. Find tailored solutions compatible with your water system demands. Contact us today and get connected with a dedicated account manager!

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