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Grooved Pipe Fittings in The Exhaust Industry

Grooved pipe fittings efficiently connect pipes in the Water & Wastewater sector. With groove and rubber gasket arrangements, these fittings ensure tight, leak-proof connections. KLAMPz Grooved Pipe Fittings offer quick installation, adaptability, reduced downtime, vibration absorption, corrosion resistance, and flexibility, contributing to efficient fluid conveyance. 


API International stands at the forefront, presenting an extensive array of UL-Listed/FM-Approved (ULFM) and non-UL/FM versions grooved fittings tailored to fulfill diverse water system prerequisites. From Lightweight Grooved Flexible Couplings90-degree Grooved Elbows45-degree Grooved ElbowsGrooved TeesGrooved Flange Adapters, and Grooved Caps, our offerings cover the entire spectrum. We will explore the myriad of applications, uses, and technical intricacies of KLAMPz Grooved Fittings in the waterworks industry.

grooved fittings

Key Benefits of KLAMPz Grooved Pipe Fittings:

  1. Cost: Our KLAMPz products are cheaper than other competitor brands and offer the same functionality.
  2. Quick Installation: Eliminating welding or threading saves time and operational costs.
  3. Versatility: Adaptable to various applications and pipe materials.
  4. Reduced Downtime: Modular design enables swift repairs, minimizing downtime.
  5. Vibration Absorption: Rubber gaskets dampen vibrations, enhancing system longevity.
  6. Corrosion Resistance: Made from materials like ductile iron and stainless steel.
  7. Flexibility: Accommodate thermal expansion and contraction.

Applications in Water & Wastewater:

Grooved fittings are found in municipal water supply, wastewater treatment, cleanwater stations, pump stations, stormwater management, desalination plants, and industrial processes.

Technical Insights:

  1. Gasket Selection: Choose the suitable gasket material based on conveyed fluid.
  2. Pressure Ratings: Understand pressure ratings for specific applications and conditions.
  3. Alignment: Accurate alignment prevents stress and ensures a proper seal.


KLAMPz Grooved Fittings enhance efficiency, reliability, and adaptability in the Water & Wastewater industry. These fittings drive progress, offering tailored solutions while minimizing operational challenges. Embracing grooved fittings technology advances fluid conveyance towards a more fluid future.

For all your Grooved Pipe Fitting requirements, navigate our diverse range of products at API International. Find tailored solutions compatible with your water system demands. Contact us today and get connected with a dedicated account manager!

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