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KLAMPz K05 Lightweight Flexible Coupling

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These KLAMPz K05 Lightweight Flexible Couplings have discounted prices! See the chart below for pricing. The UL-listed and FM-approved versions are pressure-rated to 300psi with a maximum working pressure rating of 500psi. Ideal for waterworks and agriculture use. See the other K05 options that we stock.


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Dimensions: KLAMPz K05 Lightweight Flexible Coupling

Part Number Nominal Size Inches Pipe OD Inches UL/FM Working Pressure Non-UL/FM Working Pressure Dimension D Inches Dimension L Inches Dimension W Inches Bolt/Nut Size Inches Price
K050125PE-ULFM 1.25 1.660 300 psi 500 psi 2.50 4.23 1.77 0.375 x 1.5 $1.94
  • Flexible Couplings in straight runs should be supported as close to the coupling as possible, or within the distance of 1/6 the span, and evenly spaced.
  • Flexible Couplings provide either axial or longitudinal movement. The available movement for roll-grooved joints is 1/2 of cut-groove dimensions per ANSI/AWWA C606-06.
  • When pre-setting power nut-drivers, the following torque should not be exceeded. Excessive tightening of the nuts could result in joint failure. (Values Lbs-Ft.) 3/8″=50-59; 1/2″=81-92; 5/8″=147-190; 3/4″=177-179; 7/8″=202-221.
  • Coating options: Epoxy, Paint, Dacromet, Hot-Dip Galvanized.
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